New Projects


C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. is excited to announce  new upcoming projects.


Graceview Enterprises and C.D. Drywall will be working together on a new project just confirmed – Bethany Care Home Phase 2 located in Norwich.

We will be working with Sierra General Contracting on Reeve Street Apartments in Woodstock.

We have a new project with Ellis-Don – WRPS North Division.






Events in 2021

C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. participated in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program this year.  This program is a school to work program that goes through the Cooperative Education Program in apprenticeship occupations at local high schools with students in Grade 11 and/or Grade 12.  We are always willing to invest in the youth and promote the trades wherever possible.

Giving Back to the Community!!


Every year at Christmas, C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. and our employees like to give back to the community.  We normally host a Christmas lunch at our shop for the employees and we ask our employees to bring in food donations for the London Food Bank.   In 2020, due to COVID-19, we are not able to host the lunch, but we still showed our support with a cash donation sent in.

The Grace Café in St. Thomas is another place that we like to support.  In 2019 we did some raffles at our Christmas lunch to raise funds for the Café.  This time in 2020 we asked our employees if they would be willing to donate an hour of their time and as usual, they stepped up to the plate and donated $1,140.00.  The company is matching that amount.  Thank you to our employees!!In 2020

C. D. Drywall Acoustics Birthday Wall

November Birthdays

Stephen Machacek – 24th

Jeff Cooper – 28th

Remembrance Day  – Nov 11