C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. is committed to making health and safety our number one priority ensuring every reasonable effort is put forth towards the health and safety of our EMPLOYEES, VISITORS and those around us. We encourage every employee to adopt a safer and healthier life style both on and off the job.

Working together as a team, not only do we meet the regulations and standards set forth for us in the “Ontario Health and Safety Act”, but we go beyond. This allows us to provide a standard of excellence offering a more safe, committed and productive workforce.

In order to achieve and maintain this standard, C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. as a whole must be committed to developing, following, evaluation and implementing improvements to our own health and safety program while not over looking the importance of including input and opinions from all employees.

Along with action and input, it is required that all employees receive the proper on going training and updates required to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and other employees, visitors and those around them

Supervisors are accountable for the assurance of health and safety of workers on site, enforcing that all standards are followed. Each worker is equally responsible to ensure they are working in a safe and healthy manner, thus reporting any potentially dangerous conditions.

“As president of C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. I give you my assurance that health and safety is the primary step to successful job completion.”


C.D. Drywall & Acoustics (London) LTD. is doing their best to ensure all staff and visitors are safe during this pandemic.  Masks are mandatory for all visitors to our office.  We ask that everyone complete a screening questionnaire before entering the building.